‘Rail9’—Dystopia987 @MIF2019

Manchester International Festival, presented by Skepta. 

“Dystopia987 was driven by the realisation of a character through stages of emergence and interaction over the course of the evening. Rail9 was this character's first steps in understanding its physical surroundings. The character 'Dambrin' christened after Didier 'GOL' Dambrin, reached out into the space, defining its form, sampling movement and heat.⁠

The visual processing ⁠and output was driven by the positional relationship of the scanner to it's environment. The scanner swept up and down the length of the tunnel.“
— The Experience Machine

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival. The project is funded within the Audience of the Future programme by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Supported by PRS for Music Foundation.


Client: Manchester International Festival 2019, SKEPTA
Creative Direction, Production, Staging and Lighting: TEM
Executive Producer: Valtteri Laihanen
Visual Software Development: David Li
Technical Direction and Control System Design: Artists+Engineers
Laser Systems: AC Lasers
Motion Control: Alan Wells Camera Services
AV Supply: AtoV
Trussing and Installation: No Nonsense
Show Photography: Louis Reynolds and Priti Shikotra
All Other Photography: TEM Studio

The Experience Machine 
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