Project Geländewagen 

Project Geländewagen is a collaborative project, to create a unique design piece from an iconic car model: the Mercedes-Benz G-class.

Commissioned by Karla Otto, Builders Club created an interactive campaign and digital launch platform for the design piece which was auctioned at Sotheby’s.  The project sees Virgil Abloh work with Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener - the two creatives each known as leaders in their respective fields. This marks the unification of two worlds: fashion and art with automotive. The objective is to push the boundaries of each respective creative realm and reimagine the luxury landscape.

The interactive campaign includes a five-minute film and a specifically designed central hub under the Mercedes Benz’ website where an Augmented Reality version of the design piece can be found. Click here to launch the interactive campaign.

As a take-away, Builders Club created a 3D scan of the artwork. The result is an AR Instagram filter of the G-class. Click here to use the MB x VA Geländewagen AR filter on the Mercedes-Benz Instagram.
The show itself was formed around an idea of a central core, and again the integration of form, technology and software was envisaged early on to work naturally and tightly together. 

Link to the experience


Client: Karla Otto / Mercedes-Benz
Creative Direction, Digital & Film Production, Digital Design, 3D Motion Design: Builders Club
Immersive and Augmented Content: Visualise 

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