‘Prepping The Body For Space’ (Film)

Commissioned by MINI and Dezeen for London’s Design Festival 2014.

The Astronaut Aerobics Institute is dedicated to developing innovative products that will significantly impact the way we interact and embody the future. This four day futuristic spa placed participants in a vacuum chamber deliberately isolating the senses, reducing tension and anxiety in the body.

The film is supported by Allure Magazine


Creative Producer/ Manager: Pollyanna Whitman
Design Fabrication: James Tattersall
Creative Technical Consult: Thomas Duggan
Lighting Design/ Electronics: Alexandros Tsolakis and George Konstantinou
Olympic Synchronised Swimmers: Katie Dawkins and Jodie Cowie
Gymnasts: Owen Burley, Calum Evans
Dancers: Shardae-Rose Angel, Aneliese Ryan
Intern Team: Abi Green, Lesley-Ann Daly, Serhan Ahmet, Ansha Jin, Ashling Smith, Mia Ventin, Anna Nazo
Special thanks to Katie Fried and Adele Carlsen of Aquabatix

Film Crew
Producer: Valtteri Laihanen
Cinematography: La Familia
Original Music: Zelig Sound
Voiceover: Lucy McRae
Edit and Grade: La Familia
Vacuum Chamber | Art Department: James Tattersall and Thomas Duggan
Art Department Assistant: Joe Fitzgerald
Directors Assistant: Lesley Ann Daly
Gaffer: Didac Perez
Olympic Synchronised Swimmers: Katie Dawkins and Jodie Cowie
Behind the Scenes: Leandro Santini


Lucy McRae 
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