New Natures A/W 15

Diesel commissioned films + CG artworks for retail displays worldwide .

Six film studies on how we perceive and navigate the new hybrids of real and virtual landscapes – created for the launch of Diesel’s new NYC flagship store. In six scenic films, the habits of our busy digital lifestyles clash with epic natural beauty, and wild landscapes reveal a substratum of CG. Shot on location in Wales, film and photo shots have been augmented with in-camera visual effects, light projections, glitches and digital treatments.


Created and Produced by: FIELD
Creative Direction: Marcus Wendt
Filming + Photography: James Medcraft
Design + Animation: Paul Brenner, Ryan Dzierzek, Yonni de Haar, Nicolas Nahornyj
Effects Development: Tim Bacon
Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Production: Valtteri Laihanen
Executive Production: Vera-Maria Glahn
Retail Design: Wonderwall


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